Randy Shull and Hedy Fischer: Speaking Out Through Art

This creative couple has carved a path of understanding through their creative activism to model Asheville as a more thoughtful and socially committed community. Randy and Hedy are collectors, travelers, curators and all around cultural pollinators who have used their dynamic capabilities as communicators, designers, builders and philanthropists.

Pink Dog Creative: As a team, they are committed to art that spurs social advocacy, evokes understanding and stimulates self-awareness. Hedy curates a monthly exhibit at Pink Dog Creative, their colorful studio collective of 28+ working artists on Depot Street. This colorful venue alone by design pinpoints RAD as a focus of excitement and artistic energy. These shows embrace current issues stimulating both change and action; they are compelling, courageous and thought provoking.

Currently, Pink Dog Creative artists have collectively contributed works to In Solidarityan exhibition that speaks to the violence, fear and grief caused by centuries of injustices to Black people. Conversely, the pieces also celebrate the many contributions made by people of African American descent to the culture of this country and to the world. To view it virtually allows for quiet introspection and a greater understanding to the viewer of their role in both understanding and resolving cultural bias. Up to 100% from the sale of art from “In Solidarity” will go to the following charities whose missions include justice and equity: Black Lives Matter, BeLoved Asheville, and the Equal Justice Initiative.   Pinkdog-Creative.com

22 London: For over 25 years Randy Shull has been working at the intersection of architecture, landscape design, furniture design and painting. His evocative studio space at 22 London Road allows him to show and sell significant paintings and furniture, often bridging the gap between art and design. Once again, the couple collaborate throughout the year to curate their own generous art collection to advance cultural understanding and meaningful dialogue. Currently on view by appointment is “High Anxiety,” select pieces that bear on themes such as identity, race, forced migration, politics, technology, pandemic and corporate culture. Viewed individually but considered as a whole, “High Anxiety”  evokes contemplation of the challenges that face us now and for the considerable future. Poignant and energizing as Randy and Hedy themselves, the collection inspires confidence that through the viewing, we may ourselves foster greater creativity and inspiration.

Pink Dog Creative, 344-348 Depot St., Asheville, NC 28801, (828) 216-1331

22 London, 22 London Rd, Asheville, NC 28803.     22london.org

Randy Shull randy@22london.org or Hedy Fischer hedy@22london.org