Virtual Holiday Gallery Tour Day 2 – by Louise Glickman

The Pink Dog

Day 2 of SHAC’s Virtual Holiday Gallery Tours told the story of culture and communities through the eyes and hands at Pink Dog Creative (PDC), its founders and artists. We were introduced to the vision of Randy Shull (Randy’s art at and Hedy Fischer that PDC would form a community of artists while launching the expansion of creative businesses onto Depot Street. Their philanthropic endeavors dovetail with projects like In Solidarity where their artists and friends have done special works, sold online and at the gallery, raising over $7000 for justice & equity initiatives. Pearson gave us demos of delightful gestural drawings of the human figure accented with wash and showed his masterful oil paintings focusing on subjects and issues towards uniting our humanity. Along with Lynn Bregman Blass’ presentation of her Virtual History Collaborative, using stories for families, organizations and foundations to raise funds to further their endeavors, these presentations showed the interconnectivity between art and commonality of purpose. Adding a cultural element, Christie Calaycay’s jewelry is a study in simplicity in gold and silver. Resulting collections reflect her Filipina heritage dovetailing with nature’s wonders in clean design and form.