Virtual Holiday Gallery Tour day 5 – by Louise Glickman

On a personal note: Today, midway through SHAC’s Virtual Holiday Gallery Tour, I’ve come to some realization of how far we have advanced bringing a kernel of an idea to satisfying fruition. Bob Ware has literally made this virtually possible with his tech skills. Our production is smoother now, including segues from live to video and our content has been strengthened by daily communications with gallery presenters. I’m also learning why so many people are out of work and possibly never to return. Since Covid, everyone has had to reinvent their businesses and non-profits and are relying on internet with a handful of talent. For us, that has primarily been Bob and myself. Our goal for 2021 is to build more volunteer participation and to find some funding to support our social media and marketing. Most surprising to us, a large part of our audience is from outside the Asheville area. I’m thinking that art lovers who are following Sand Hill Artists Collective (SHAC) and our virtual gallery series would certainly want to visit here post-Covid to see our art and meet our artists. Ideas on ways to corral this energy are germinating as we “speak.”

Shae Bishop wearing his ceramic “Shorts for Hunting Pythons”

Tues. Dec. 8- Penland Gallery: Gallery Director Kathryn Gremley and ceramic artist Shae Bishop presented a program at the very top their game combining Penland history with a preview of exhibitions to come when the Penland Gallery reopens next spring. A video with Corn Wagon Thunder showing her photographs provided more insight into thoughtful curating as Shae and Corn will be presenting together in one of Penland’s beautifully renovated galleries upon reopening. I wasn’t aware of Shae Bishop’s work until yesterday and I’m now completely taken with his ceramic clothing in glorious patterns and textures revealing his extensive travel and study in faraway lands. He was both personal and intentional, weaving stories and a photographic travelogues into his presentation. An ultimate expression in ceramics and textiles, Shae showed how inspiration and process grow to exceptional craft through the hands and heart of a skilled artist.