SHAC GIVES THANKS for Creativity, Love and Laughter

from Louise Glickman Better than our first year of 2020 and growing by leaps and bounds sums up Sand Hill Artists Collective as we approach this second Thanksgiving. It is our creative community, built through SHAC, that has brought new opportunities for us to support emerging artists to SHOW, TELL and TALK about their life and art. Most of all, I’ve personally learned to laugh more and worry less this year. This is in large part due to all of SHAC’s helpers and advisors, and the light-heartedness of my loving husband Daryl…. Read More

The Train Stops Here: Art and Inspiration in Bryson City and Cherokee 

By Louise Glickman My heart quickens and my mind relaxes when I hear the train whistle blow in Bryson City. Each fall, Daryl and I seek refuge and hike trails in the Great Smoky Mountain State Park. This year we took my daughter and our nine year old grandson Leo to discover Cherokee and Appalachian culture. The grandeur of fall color at peak displayed what has become my color palette, mostly inspiring my nature-inspired work. Oranges, golds and the green-grey of lichen and moss in all varieties have become my go-to’s for… Read More