Sand Hill Artists Collective’s vision has always been to help emerging artists build careers encouraging creativity and visibility.  We knew the need was there but our path has led us to opportunities beyond our humble beginnings, isolated in COVID and located in Candler, NC.  The effect is one of pebbles in a pond for people like Daryl and me who are visual learners. Biltmore Lake Artists begat Sand Hill Artists which has grown exponentially beyond its Western Buncombe boundaries to encompass all of Asheville and beyond. I’m not very savvy with social… Read More

SHAC Connection – Roundup 

from Louise Glickman OH MY! How We’ve Grown!: Sand Hill Artists Collective (SHAC) has matured from its infancy to an expanding community embracing emerging artists, professionals and enthusiasts. To engage audience and open wallets to build a decent living for area creatives, SHAC’s new format has been simplified and broadened. Starting in 2022, our podcast series highlighting Asheville’s artistic endeavors will be heard around the world emanating from our partnership with Crewest Studio/LA ( and host extraordinaire Scott Power. Special thanks go to Dan Ubick of Dan Ube Productions and his team for producing our… Read More