Celebrate ARTSVILLE Event

WHAT’S UP at ARTSVILLE? • Roundup for the month: CELEBRATE Artsville event, exhibit, podcasts, and news• Stephanie Moore from the Center for Craft speaks up on grant opportunities Sunday, Feb, 27 from 2-5 pm. CELEBRATE ARTSVILLE at Artsville Collective, gallery and gathering space, at Marquee. Meet guest artists Rhona Polonsky, grafitto ceramics and Micah Mackenzie, abstracts with co-founding artists Daryl Slaton, pop art with animation and Louise Glickman, mixed media.  Also on hand will be creative community leadership including Artsville NC podcast interviewees and Scott Power of Crewest Studio/LA.  36 Foundy St. in the RAD…. Read More


How Asheville Became ARTSVILLE The first of six in this series of professional podcasts co-produced by Sand Hill Artists Collective and Crewest Studio/LA are now available at  ArtsvilleUSA.com and all major podcast channels: Apple, Google, Android, Spotify and New Episode The Artsville podcast series launches with a release of all six interviews that focus on “How Asheville became ARTSVILLE.”  Interviews include Mia Hall and Robin Dreyer on The Penland School, Kate Averett Anderson on Black Mountain College Museum and Arts Center, Tom Anders on Grovewood Village and the Vanderbilts, Michael Manes on Blue Spiral 1… Read More