How Asheville Became ARTSVILLE

The first of six in this series of professional podcasts co-produced by Sand Hill Artists Collective and Crewest Studio/LA are now available at and all major podcast channels: Apple, Google, Android, Spotify and New Episode

The Artsville podcast series launches with a release of all six interviews that focus on “How Asheville became ARTSVILLE.”  Interviews include Mia Hall and Robin Dreyer on The Penland School, Kate Averett Anderson on Black Mountain College Museum and Arts Center, Tom Anders on Grovewood Village and the Vanderbilts, Michael Manes on Blue Spiral 1 and John Cram, Jordan Ahlers (Momentum Gallery) and Stephanie Moore (Center for Craft) about the Broadway arts corridor in downtown Asheville, and Sarah Wells Rolland, owner of The Village Potters Clay Center about the River Arts District.

The ARTSVILLE podcast is a co-production of Sand Hill Artists Collective (SHAC) and Crewest Studio/LA.  Additional podcasts on artists and community art leaders in Asheville and beyond will be available in early spring and will be released regularly throughout the year.

Scott Power, aka Sourdough, of Crewest Studio/Los Angeles

ARTSVILLE Collective Mounts its First Guest Artist Exhibition“Between the Lines”

ARTSVILLE Collective at Marquee opens its first public exhibition “Between the Lines” inviting interpretation of line and the space between. It is on view now through April 24 alongside the pop animation of Daryl Slaton and the mixed media of Louise Glickman.

Rhona Polonsky’s pottery uses the language of lines and spaces that merge and connect to reveal their meanings: lines as boundaries to be crossed or parallels to read between. Her doodling since childhood grew in expression as she traveled the world, teaching young international students for over thirty years in Asia and Africa, from Indonesia to India. Her sgraffito vessels, lively and offbeat, evoke amusement, playfulness, whimsy and enthusiasm. They speak to us in a special language that warm our hearts with simplicity and sophistication.

Rhona Polonsky’s pottery invites you to read between the lines.

Micah Mackenzie’s paintings place minimalist textural works between bold abstracts. The viewer walks the line, one piece to the next, experiencing excitement and then serenity, chaos to calm and back again. The artist speaks to the human emotions and energy of everyday life by spacing and pacing bold color next to stark white panels. He invites us to consider life’s daily grind, from fast and furious to welcome relaxation.

Micah Mackenzie’s abstracts are bold and energetic.

Daryl Slaton’s work is overtly whimsical as he introduces his newest anthropomorphic character Gallagher, a playful tiger cub who entertains us through animation and augmented reality.

When viewed with the free Artivive app on your smartphone, an animation with sound and music plays directly on the physical artwork by Daryl Slaton

Louise Glickman’s storytelling is revealed through the weaving of nature with complex application of many mix media techniques. Lines and color as well as nets and textures move over, under and around in several mini-collections using bits of fabric, paint, paper and plant materials.

A mixed media piece by Louise Glickman

Save the Date 
Sunday, February 27 
2-5 pm at Marquee in the RAD

Invite family and friends to join us at Artsville Collective’s recently completed gallery and gathering space at 36 Foundy Street near Twelve Bones and Grail Movie House.  Meet Guest Artists Micah Mackenzie and Rhona Polonsky. Celebrate the release of our first Artsville USA podcast series with host Scott Power from Crewest/LA and our special podcast interviewees. Welcome SHAC’s new associate Jenna Eberhardt to Asheville.  Share and celebrate art at ARTSVILLE with food, drink, fun and friendship.