Art a la Carte: Friday, March 18: Artsville Collective at Marquee presents its first lunch time salon for artists, creatives, collectors and friends. Meet + Greet at 11:30; presentation and discussion from noon-1 pm. “The Women of Grovewood: Textiles Come to Asheville.”  Tom Anders, historian and Sherry Masters, art consultant and tour guide, take you from fleece to fabric through the vision of Edith Vanderbilt, Charlotte Yale and Eleanor Vance, and the women of Biltmore Industries. Discussion on the past and future of textiles in WNC. 
Learn more:  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=V08SQyHPaMI

Save the Date: Friday, April 22: Honoring National Women’s Month, Art a la Carte at Artsville Collective presents “Olmstead Inside Out: Discovering the Genius of Place” covering Biltmore and beyond with Steve Frowine, horticulturist, writer, raconteur.

For more information: lsglickman@gmail.com

The women of Grovewood Industries built Asheville’s fame for fine textiles.

New at Artsville Collective

Jill Lawrence, Abstract Landscapes

Using mostly oil paints mixed with cold wax, eyes are immediately drawn to the depth and texture created by fine technique in a two-dimensional field. Jill’s atmospheric paintings are inspired by initial intuition and past personal experiences. By working on rigid wooden board, using a method of layering the oil paint and wax with a dough scraper and roller, each painting is finished with bold color highlights applied with a palette knife. The results bring both the inspiration and energy of a walk in the mountains.

Jill Lawrence: Rise Up, oil and cold wax on board, 30×30

Meet Guest Artist: Rhona Polonsky

Hooked on Ceramics, Inspired by World Cultures
Story by Jenna Eberhardt

Rhona Polonsky was all set to start a painting practice until she came face to face with the blank white page. As she just could not put paint on paper, Teguh Ostenrik, her instructor from a life drawing class in Indonesia, gave her a block of clay and said “have at it”. 

As Rhona started molding and sculpting, she was immediately hooked to this medium and its endless possibilities. Rhona began with sculpting clay, and then eventually moved to ceramics while living in South Africa. Thus, her exploration of ceramic vessels was born, yielding her whimsical, sgraffito etched vessels of today.

“I am excited to be a SHAC guest at the Marquee and it motivates to create,” says Rhona. 

Rhona’s ceramics take on unique, asymmetrical forms and are etched using the sgraffito technique. Sgraffitto is a decorating pottery technique produced by applying layers of color to leather hard pottery and then scratching off parts to create contrasting images, patterns and texture revealing the clay color underneath. Her creations feature a color palette of terracotta, black and white, with pops of exhilarating lime green. Inherently playful and inviting, viewers regularly get up close in order to inspect the details.

Rhona Polonsky’s ceramics, shown on stand, take on unique, asymmetrical forms and are etched using the sgraffito technique.

CELEBRATION AT Artsville Collective

The enthusiasm of artists, friends and family brought warmth to Artsville Collective despite the icy weather on Sunday Feb, 27 at Marquee. We honored our Guest Artists and interviewees from our first series, “How Asheville Became Artsville.” Our Podcast Host and partner Scott Power reached out by video and Daryl’s new animated character Gallagher made a guest appearance. Thanks to WLOS who covered our CELEBRATION and aired the coverage both Sunday night, Feb. 27 and Monday Morning, Feb. 28. Special thanks to Jenna Eberhardt for these wonderful photos.

Visitors at Artsville in Marquee

Guest Artists: Welcome to Jill Lawrence whose beautiful abstract landscapes are now on display at Artsville Collective in April and May. Rhona Polonsky’s ceramics and Micah Mackenzie’s abstracts also remain on exhibit through Easter.

Podcast Interviewees: Special appreciation to the following who have helped us tell the story, “How Asheville Became ARTSVILLE.” Mia Hall and Robin Dreyer on The Penland School, Kate Averett Anderson on Black Mountain College Museum and Arts Center, Tom Anders on Grovewood Village and the Vanderbilts, Michael Manes on Blue Spiral 1 and John Cram, Jordan Ahlers (Momentum Gallery) and Stephanie Moore (Center for Craft) about the Broadway arts corridor in downtown Asheville, and Sarah Wells Rolland, owner of The Village Potters Clay Center and the River Arts District. Co-produced by Sand Hill Artists Collective (SHAC) in partnership with Crewest/LA studio. 

Artsville NC podcasts are always available on major podcast channels and ArtsvilleUSA.com

Up for discussion on Tuesday, March 8 at 10 am is planning for a possible Biltmore Lake Studio Stroll in 2023. The following will be meeting at the home of Judy Burnstein and also by Zoom. Please contact Louise Glickman if you wish to attend in person or by Zoom.

Meeting Attendees: Judy Burnstein, Karen Stasny, Jo Miller, Bronwen McCormack, Nina Veteto, Robyn Crawford, Katrina Chenevert, Marilynne Herbert, Louise Glickman

Please let me know:

  • If you would like to join in this meeting. In person or by Zoom?
  • Are you interested in showing your work at a space in your home, studio, garage, deck or garden for a Studio Tour in Biltmore Lake in 2023?
  • Would you be willing to add a guest artist to exhibit at your home with you?

Please reply to lsglickman@gmail.com