Ellen Golden, Abstract Photography

“I started taking pictures in high school with a borrowed Pentax camera. Soon I learned how light, contrast and color intensity move and excite me.  Then, when I look closely at a section of the scene that first attracted me, this section is frequently more intriguing than the original and is what I focus on. 

About this time,  I was introduced to Photoshop by a friend who knew I enjoyed exploring ways of seeing. She was right. Photoshop has changed the way I can create a print.  Its mysteries are partly based on manipulating pixels, the tiny bits of emulation that the hold the information when the photo is created. When I choose a photo to work on, it goes into Photoshop where those pixels release the creative basis for my new image.  It’s that information that I use with other tools to create textures, levels of transparency, and new backgrounds.  Often, I add filters to enhance the creative process allowing me to transform the sharp, crisp photo into a “pastel” or “watercolor,” or “lithograph.”

And one thing more…If I try to use the effects I developed for one shot on another, result won’t be the same.  This is a reason I love this work – the not-knowing.”

Ellen Golden

Email: ellen@ellengoldennyc.com