Louise Glickman, Collage

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My life’s goal was always to be an artist, but over a lifetime as a serial entrepreneur (marketing consultant and restauranteur), community activist and and fundraiser, it was difficult to ease into the quiet of a studio practice. My creative quest began in earnest after my move to Asheville in 2001, embracing a love of nature through the study of ikebana, a Japanese meditative practice that quieted my soul enough to bring my hands and heart in sync. Visually impaired, drawing and perspective were always frustrating for me, so I discarded that medium in favor of collage. Here I use design skills learned in art school to merge and layer paper and textiles, photography and imagery, color and textiles to reveal my truest creative intentions..

A lifetime of travel near and far has brought, intuitively, an amalgamation of design, architecture, food, history and architecture into my subject matter. I grew up immersed in the rich influences of my native new Orleans that now merge with other places where I have lived and learned. Memories of the Mississippi Delta, Louisiana swamplands, and Manhattan culture are as foundational as Mardi Gras and music and sometimes appear side by side with photographs and memorabilia collected in Europe, Asia, Scandinavia and Canada. In my mind, these bits and pieces are convergent rather than divergent and reveal my preference to work in a variety of mediums. These collages are a mosaic of my life expressed through art.

My art interests began at age five with a “book” I made for my Mother. From there, my focus turned to making clothes for my paper dolls, drawing student “portraits” for my high school yearbook and art school at Washington University, where I majored in fashion design. While raising wee ones, I produced advertising for Godchaux’s, a fashion specialty store on New Orleans’ famed Canal Street. Finally, and for over 25 years, my public relations company specialized in arts marketing, management and development and later national consulting in cultural tourism development, bringing me to North Carolina. In retirement I have been able to return to my love of doing my own art rather than directing others in the creative process. My work has emerged cohesively into collections expressing my adventuresome path of twists, turns and false starts to settle on what grooves and moves me the most. These works reflect a creative coalescing of private thoughts and intentional expression.

One Comment on “Louise Glickman, Collage

  1. Do you teach any classes in or near BL? Love your work and would like to explore fabric or multimedia collage.


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